Saturday, 5 October 2013

SAL Needle Case - Tick

 Life has been pretty hectic but I did manage to get my needle case finished a few weeks ago, but forgot to blog about it........ story of my life at the moment.
 I have really enjoyed being part of the SAL journey, I only had to use one pass (July hexie bag). I haven't been as active in my participation as I would have liked - study has been getting in the way. However if Chooky was to do it again next year - then please count me in!
No study for me next year - yippee!
Until Next Time
Happy Stitching xox

Saturday, 24 August 2013

SKoW Quilt - Finished

I finished my SKoW quilt at the end of last year 2012. However I wanted the very talented Belinda Betts of Eucalypt Ridge Quilting to do the quilting for me. I had to wait for several moths for her to fit me into her busy schedule.
Believe me when I say the wait was well and truly worth it.
 I loved this quilt before ..............and WOW it now looks amazing!!

Sorry about the picture quality - it's a pretty miserable day here
Thankyou Belinda Betts -you are amazing!
Until Next Time
Happy Stitching xox

Friday, 23 August 2013

SAL - Sewing Case

Last weekend I spent some quality time with my sewing machine and I managed to complete my August project for the SAL.
I unfortunately wasn't able to get any template plastic here in the town where I live and by Saturday night I was sooo closed to being finished.
I often travel with my job, so whilst I was in the small town of Wellington in NSW I popped into the little fabric shop and luckily they had just what I needed.
I really enjoyed making this months project, however I did struggle putting the template plastic in.
 I just couldn't seem to get my fabric to stick to the template plastic no matter how hard I tried.
Until Next Time
Happy Stitching xox

Saturday, 6 July 2013

SAL - June pincushion

I completed my June pincushion on the weekend but couldn't share a picture until it had arrived at my dear friend Sam's house.
June's project was the Natalie Bird's pincushion from the Red Book however a special friend gave me a blue one for Christmas last year, so I didn't need another one.
Instead of using my pass I decided that I would make the design that was in the Easter addition of the Homespun Magazine here in Australia. It is still very similar to the design in the Red book but with cute little bunnies and a felt bottom.
I loved making this project, however I think I need some practice stuffing!
Until Next Time -
Happy Stitching xox 

Monday, 1 July 2013

Where have I been??

I feel that I should explain my absence from Blogging Land and the reason for falling a little behind in my SAL projects.
Over the past 18 months I have had to return to studying to keep a job that I have been doing for the past 15 years (in one form or another). As much as I have been proud of my results and was quietly shocked at what I do know, it has really taken up a lot of my time!  
I still have 6 months to go however I have just finished a 100 hours of work placement (in a preschool setting), s that just leaves 6 assessments to go - not that I am counting!
Fingers crossed it will all go smoothly and I get that little piece of paper the government require!
I have a 3 week break now with no assignments due, so I am hoping to catch up on some other UFO's
Speaking of UFO's - I received my SKoW back from the very talented Belinda Betts almost 3 months ago but just haven't had the time to put on the binding. I am hoping that is all about to change! 
Here is a little peak at the exquisite quilting. I just love it and can't wait to be able to use it!
Take Care & Until Next Time
Happy Stitching xox

Sunday, 30 June 2013

SAL - May & June Complete !!

May and June are finally complete but I can't show you June's pincushion until it arrives at it's destination.
May's project: I had to wait until last weekend to get the fabric for the lining because nothing really appealed to me at my local patchwork shop.
I wasn't going to put the opening in the back but I am so glad I did.
I am really happy with how it I has turned out.

I have decided to give my June pincushion to a dear friend who has lost her mojo.  
I will post a picture later this week.
All the projects are looking fantastic - it's so inspiring to see everyone's individual twist on these patterns.
Until Next Time - 
Happy Stitching
Ann xox

Sunday, 19 May 2013

SAL April Project

Like everyone, I have been a little time poor of late.
I managed to get the stitcheries completed early in April but time has just flown past.
Friday night I decided to put everything else aside and concentrate on finishing this project.

I decided to make mine smaller because of where I am planning on hanging it.
Now just a trip to Hatched & Patched is needed to get a hanger.

I am loving how everyone's projects are the same but different.

I'm off to cut my linen for May's Stitch-a-long project.

Until Next Time
Happy Stitching xox

Saturday, 30 March 2013

SAL....Pincushion Complete!

I finished my pincushion for the March SAL project with a day to spare but couldn't get a good photo of it last night, so had to wait until I got home today.
I love seeing all the different colours - each one is very unique & beautiful.   
Congratulations to everyone who has finished & to those who haven't ........
come on girls you can do it!!
Until Next Time - Happy Stitching 

Friday, 22 February 2013

Feeling Very Spoilt

Earlier this week I became another year older........ I'm not one to make a fuss but I just wanted to share with you, some of the lovely gifts I received.
I am part of a little family of sewer 's who send each other a Birthday gift of 2 fat quarters.
 I love them all, thankyou  "my little Ort's family" xx
The other items I received from my gorgeous family and friends  xoxo
I entered a completion a few weeks ago on Gail Pans blog and was one of the lucky winners!
This pattern arrived in the post and I just love the cute little reindeers!
Until Next Time
Happy Stitching xox

Saturday, 2 February 2013

SAL - January.......... Complete!

Oppps ....... I posted this last weekend on the SAL blog but somehow missed putting it here on my own..... hmmm its been one of those weeks lol
Thank you to Chooky for allowing me to re-join the SAL blog even though my SKoW is still only at the top stage. It's booked into the quilters in March and with the way this year is already flying, it will be here before I know it.

 I managed to complete both of January's projects before the deadline.

My daughter saw the picture in Anni's book and suggested that I make a small change to the bag to make it more applicable to her needs. She goggled images for "Ballet Slippers" and decided on this lovely picture.

I used my little thread catcher today and it works a treat! I can why everyone has made more than one, it was sooo easy.

February's Project- Red Home Tote Bag

I am a huge Tennis fan, so while watching the men's final of the Australian Open, I started on February's project and instead of my bag being red it will be blue.   

Until Next Time,
Happy Stitching xox


Last night I signed up for the first time for the online stitching group 'Friday Night with Friends'.
I continued on with stitching the panel for my Red Tote Bag which is February's project for the SAL.
 Its a lot cooler here today, so I plan on doing a little baking and hopefully finish off my stitchery.
Such a nice way to finish off a really busy week at work.
Until Next Time 
 Happy Stitching xox    

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Home Patch Visit with Peg & Dale

What's a visit west of the mountains without a visit to The Home Patch!

We arrived at The Home Patch nice and early to find the lovely Anni Downs behind the counter.
After some introductions the girls .......................
where are they????????

Oooh Dale this looks interesting!

"Don't look down Peg"...... "I won't Dale!
I just wish I had some wings so I could cover my eyes arggggggg   

"Oh Dale, that's so much better - I much prefer my feet firmly on the ground!!"  

"Shhhh Peg, If we don't make any noise maybe we could stay here for a while"

"Oh My Goodness Dale!! Quick run" ....... "I hope they don't expect us to fill that basket"  

"I think we'll be safe in here for a while Peg. I might even have a Nana nap"!

"Should have brought my list Dale............ I know there was something I needed to get"

"Oh Peg, thank goodness we turned up when we did and could give Anni a hand.
The poor dear was sooo busy, she didn't even have time for a photo" 

"Well Dale, I had a fantastic morning wandering around The Home Patch.
 I wonder where Ann will take us next?? 

Peg.... PEG where are we going??????

"It's Ok Dale.
Whats a trip to Bathurst without a lap around Mt Panorama.
Hold on tight"!!!
"Wow that really was great Peg"!
"Dale it's time to say goodbye to Ann........
I wonder who we will visit next"?????

Thanks for visiting Girls
Safe Travels xox

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Peg & Dale come to visit

I have been lucky enough to have the lovely Peg and Dale pop in for a visit.

Hey Dale, this is the beautiful Cudgegong River.
Hey Peg, do you think we could do a spot of fishing?
Mmmmmm Dale, hang on I think we have something..............

Eeewwwww....... a carp! No good for eating Peg.

Oh Dale, I worked up a thirst pulling that big one in. I think its time for a lovely hot cup of tea! 

Until Next Time
Happy Stitching xox

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Better late than never..........

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. I have been blessed to spend my holidays with family and friends. 

I am feeling very spoilt at the moment. I received beautiful Christmas gifts from Sam @cupful of stitches and Susan (Thimble Stitch).

Thank you my friends - I love them!

During my time off work we spent a 6 days with my family on the coast. I felt that it was also time to update the family album - my children are getting so big now and my niece is almost two, so a trip to the beach with my camera was the order of the day. 
Cousins - gotta love spending time with family!

It was such a fantastic day spent with my sister and her bubba. I can't wait to do it all again!  

When we returned home, Christmas day arrived and I received a visit from Sam @ cupful of stitches and ........................... Peg and Dale!!!
What a surprise!!!

The girls and I have been getting to know each other and I have been showing them around the lovely town I live in.
But that will have to wait.................. I can here the girls calling - 'Its Wine O'Clock!!'

Until Next Time
Happy Stitching xox
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