Monday, 6 February 2012

A Daisy, Chocolates & Ice Cream

Now that I have managed to spend some time on this quilt - I can't seem to put it down!

Her are my chocolates.....

A cute Daisy..........

Yummy Ice Cream with a Cherry on top ........

Now I'm off to make a Hot Chocolate :)

Until Next Time - Happy Stitching xox 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tis The Season.........

Late last year 2 dear friends - Sam (a cupful of stitches) and Susan (Thimble stitches) and I were talking / watching how great every one's TTS quilts were looking and decided that we should do it together this year. 

The other girls were itching to start and have already posted about their first blocks. So far I have only managed to pick my boarder colours and cut out my stitchery back ground.

I have decided to use the fabric range 'Scandinavian Christmas' by Lynette Anderson. I'm not too sure whether to use only 2 or 4 fabric's for the inner boarders - any suggestions??

I hope you have found some 'stitching' time this weekend.

Until Next Time - Happy Stitching xox  

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lock it in.............

2012 for me is going to be the year of Stitching!!

I have decided that I'm going to spend a few special weekends away this year stitching with friends
 (both new & old).

1st: Nundle in March, which is all locked in and the count down is on!

2nd: Katoomba in October, booked & accommodation all set. 

 I'm soo excited .... I can't wait!!

I hope you manage to find some time to get away, to do some stitching too :)

Until Next Time - Happy Stitching xox

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