Thursday, 29 September 2011

BOM Block 2 & 3

I really enjoyed Block 2 except those for those pesky little snails - arggg they were small! 
I love how to get 2 different colours in the pairs - Anni just flipped over the fabric - very clever!  

I have been keeping the pace going at this early stage of the BOM, finishing the first 2 blocks a few days before the other arrived, however life happens and I slowly got a little behind. I did managed to get block 3 finished a day or two after block 4 arrived.

It's funny how when it each new block turns up that one becomes my new favourite.
 I'm just so happy with how it it coming together.

Last night I managed to quilt my bag and put the pocket on - Yeah!! 
Until next time - Happy Stitching xox

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

BOM In my Garden 1

I have sewn together the first 3 blocks of In My Garden - by Anni Downs. This is my first ever BOM and I just love getting my parcel in the mail each month. I am a month behind at the moment but with a 3 day weekend coming up , I hope to be all caught up by Tuesday.  This is block 1
I also managed to get the strips for my 'No place like home bag' all sewn together I couldn't go any further as I was out of pelon so I'm off to the local patchwork shop - I hope they have some (fingers crossed)

Until next time - Happy stitching xox

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Home Sweet Home

I returned home Tuesday night a little weary from my 2 days at the conference. My days were spent attending workshops and networking with other ladies in the industry. I did squeeze in some stitching after dinner both evenings and I managed to get they stitchery part of it finished.

 Last night after all the chores had been done, I got out the fabric for the bag and cut out all the strips.
I'm just loving the all the colours.  

Hopefully tonight I will get to start to sew them all together
Until next time - Happy Stitching xox   

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Nearly There

I have spent the past 2 days playing with my new machine. I have finished the middle of my table topper from the retreat - now just to get some interfacing (thanks for the tip Kate xx) - can't wait to see it all together.

I also have also made progress with my peaceful garden wall hanging - all the stitcheries are finished and matched with their boarders
All the borders now added and I'm happy with the layout - time to put it all together :)

With 1 hour to spare before I head off the the city for a 2 day conference I managed to get it all together, only the outer boarder to go when I get back. I'm very happy with how it is coming along :)

What's to do next!
I managed to start a bag stitchery late last night (another Anni design) - I can't go away without something to work on :)

Ok, only moments to spare before my ride turns up - my basket is packed, well before my clothes 

Until next time - Happy stitching xo

Friday, 16 September 2011

Early Christmas

Yesterday I felt like Christmas had come early! Two weeks ago I decided to shout myself to a new sewing machine, I got the call yesterday to say that it had arrived - just wish I wasn't at work, knock off time just couldn't come early enough argg.

I was excited to be bringing my new toy home - now what to work on first, so many unfinished projects! I pull into the driveway and sitting at the door were 2 parcels woo hooo!!!!!!!! 
I had recently ordered a few bits from Kim at Jukejema and a few more of Anni's fabric's to come with block 8 of  'in my garden' from the home patch  - oh no what to do now - sooo many projects sooo little time.

I just love the colours in Anni's fabrics!

I also fell in love with the range - Scandinavian Christmas whilst at the retreat, so I just had to have some more lol 

Until next time - Happy Stitching xox

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Peaceful Garden progress

What a week in my houshold - but I've managed to make some time for stitching. I have now finished all the little stitcheries for my peaceful garden wall hanging.

I just love Anni's work, the colours, the designs - all of it!

This little blue bird is my favourite :) Soooo cute!

Apart from stitching I have another interest - it's a craft called paper tole. I have been attending classes for the past 10 years and still enjoy it very much - I also love the social side :)  Paper Tole is where you have 8-9 copies of the same picture and turn it from a flat picture into 3D.

Until next time - Happy Stitching xox

Thursday, 8 September 2011

My First Ever Quilt!

In February my little sister became a mummy for the first time - so that means I became the proud aunty to a sweet little girl (who we like to call Bubba!). When my sister told me she was expecting I thought it's now or never - I wanted to make this baby a quilt that it could love, so I ventured over to Bathurst to my favourite shop - the home patch, where I knew Anni would have something delightful for me to make.
I managed to get the quilt finished just after our sweet little girl came into the world. I still can't believe I've made a quilt!
This was also my first attempt at needleturn applique. My sister and brother-inlaw couldn't believe I had made it and they thought it was very ME lol.
This is my chicka holding her new cousin for the very first time awwwww too cute!!
Until next time Happy Stitching xox

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A Cushion or two

I made these cushions a number of years ago & they were probably one of the first things I ever tried to make. I can't believe they have stood the test of time - they still sit on the seat just inside our front door.
I was really happy with how they turned out and I think they are probably the reason why I love Angels and Stitching so much.

Until next time - Happy Stitching xox

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Beautiful Sunday

Wow what a glorious day it was today. The kids wished shooter a Happy Father's Day as the sun came up and we then headed off for a day of semi-finals Soccer. Chicka and I had our stitching bags packed (they were the first things in the car lol) along with sporty of course. Sporty had a tough game - first one back after an injury. In the end the lads went down 2-1, thankfully they finished 2nd in the competition, so they get a another shot at making the grand final next weekend - Go boys!

So what was in my stitching bag......... Another Anni Downs creation of course- I just love her work!!

I have been stitching this one for a few weeks now - it's a great size to take anywhere. I hope to have it finished soon.
On the way home this afternoon the kids and I admired this beautiful sunset - sorry but my photo's really don't do it justice.

Ahhh isn't nature beautiful. Until next time - Happy Stitching xo

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Nearly There!

I started this table topper at the retreat and last night I finally finished the stitching. I've managed to get it onto the bottom piece, just the centre to go - maybe tonight if I'm lucky, fingers crossed.
I've spent the day pulling up the old carpet in the bedrooms & running kids to sport. Time to think about dinner - and hopefully back to some stitching later on. Until next time - Happy Stitching xox
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