Sunday, 4 September 2011

Beautiful Sunday

Wow what a glorious day it was today. The kids wished shooter a Happy Father's Day as the sun came up and we then headed off for a day of semi-finals Soccer. Chicka and I had our stitching bags packed (they were the first things in the car lol) along with sporty of course. Sporty had a tough game - first one back after an injury. In the end the lads went down 2-1, thankfully they finished 2nd in the competition, so they get a another shot at making the grand final next weekend - Go boys!

So what was in my stitching bag......... Another Anni Downs creation of course- I just love her work!!

I have been stitching this one for a few weeks now - it's a great size to take anywhere. I hope to have it finished soon.
On the way home this afternoon the kids and I admired this beautiful sunset - sorry but my photo's really don't do it justice.

Ahhh isn't nature beautiful. Until next time - Happy Stitching xo


  1. Hello Anne.... LOVE your work. Hey which table were you sitting at the retreat.... I am sure we did meet...


  2. Don't apologise for that photo - it's beautiful!


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