Tuesday, 21 August 2012

SKoW & TTS Progress

It was a very cold winters weekend here so after watching Chicka play netball we all headed home to some sweet potato soup that I had simmering in the pot while we were out ........Yummy
 Everyone wandered off to do their own thing including me.

SKoW..... Our Cat - Milo

and a wooden chair

Sunday was spent on the side of the soccer field at Bathurst. Unfortunately The Home Patch wasn't open, so I couldn't sneak away for a little retail therapy - lucky I had packed a little project from home. 

TTS ....... ooopppps a sideways Penguin (may block)
Bon Noel (April Block)

 Monday night was spent at my machine, first the boarders and then my first row all together!
It's so good having a few spare hours to spend sewing.

Until Next Time - Happy Stitching xox


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