Saturday, 1 March 2014

Friends, Teapots & Boarders

Last weekend saw a quick trip to Sydney to see a much loved friend of my daughters.
We had a lovely morning wandering around Broadway shops. The girls shopped til they dropped.
Manicures & Pedicures were high on the list along with trying to find dresses to wear to the upcoming Debutant Ball.
Lots of laughter throughout the day, it was so nice to see this beautiful girl smiling - she has had a very rough 6 months.

I managed to snap a few photo's of one of my favourite shops - T2
I do have a bit of a weakness for teapots lol
I was very well behaved and didn't buy anything. These were just two of the displays that caught my eye. I think I love the bottom one because it reminded me of my Nan!
I have managed to do a spot of sewing this week and am heading back to the sewing machine shortly
This is the cot quilt I am making for my nephew. 1 row down 2 to go!
Until next time
Happy Stitching xox



  1. I was thinking the same thing about the second teapot photo - it reminded me of my nan also!!

  2. Very well behaved Ann.

  3. Hi Ann,it was awesome to have you and Sam as roomies .xx

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