Saturday, 12 April 2014


On Wednesday afternoon it was a mix of emotions as I waved good bye to Chicka as she embarked on the trip of a life time. She is spending the next 2 weeks on a school excursion in JAPAN!
25 students and 4 teachers - I am in awe that they would even attempt it.
 Definitely a big difference to few days I spent in Canberra when I was at school.
I love modern technology as we have been able to stay in contact with her and it almost feels like we are there. The first message I received was .......... 'Mum I brought the cutest pair of shorts!'............... that's my girl!
A great photo of them in their team shirts in front of a temple in Tokyo.
Yesterday they spent the day at Tokyo Disneyland ....... for a little girl who grew up loving Disney Princesses, I have no doubt this will be one of the highlights of the trip.  
Never let a chance go by - always the dancer!
What's a mummy to do while she waits to hear all the news?
Stitch of course!
I had been working on the Rosalie Quinlan Christmas Wreath for a few weeks and it's now finished. Just need to pop to the shops and get a canvas to attach it to.
Such a cute design!
Until Next Time
Happy Stitching xox


  1. Wow yeah what an excursion. We went to Newcastle :(

  2. What a fabulous experience she will just love Japam, the people are lovely. I can understand you stitching of course to de stress

  3. Your coping so well very impressed. She will have an amazing time

  4. What an amazing trip for your daughter Ann,a trip she will remember for ever,I love your Rosalie stitching,well done,hope you have a lovely day my friend.xx

  5. How exciting for her Ann, Miss Molly also went to Japan with the school in 2010. Lucky kids these days. I love your wreath, I have been slowly stitching that for about a year....That's a bit sad really...ha ha xx


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