Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Busy as a bee

I came home yesterday to find my Lavender's covered in Bee's so I stood for a moment and watched them going about their work. I just love a beautiful spring day :)  

Last night, I was as ' busy as a bee'. I decided that my next project would be ' my block keeper' (A Natalie Ross Design) from the Jukejema Retreat. 
Once I started I didn't want to stop (sorry not to many photo's so far).
Thankyou to kate for sharing her idea of using the Anni Downs fabric range I LOVE IT!!!   

Now to concentrate on the finishing the stitchery
Until next time - Happy Stitching xox  


  1. Hi Ann....It looks great so far....I just worked out with Susan which if you two i am talking to need a real pic of yourself as a profile pic so as not to confuse me...Lol....You two need to get together for a photo shoot...

  2. Love it Ann, are you going to make the retreat seat the same?

  3. We are such Anni addicts!! Looking forward to seeing it finished

  4. Great fabric I have the pattern too but it has a different stitchery. Yes I was wondering if you had made the retreat seat in the same fabric?


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