Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lock it in.............

2012 for me is going to be the year of Stitching!!

I have decided that I'm going to spend a few special weekends away this year stitching with friends
 (both new & old).

1st: Nundle in March, which is all locked in and the count down is on!

2nd: Katoomba in October, booked & accommodation all set. 

 I'm soo excited .... I can't wait!!

I hope you manage to find some time to get away, to do some stitching too :)

Until Next Time - Happy Stitching xox


  1. Hooray for us! Lets put some sewing days at home on the calendar too.

  2. Gotta love these "Girls Weekends" just worries me of what "Boys Weekends" James will want in the future??? Upcoming bike ride has been made a "Girls Allowed" ride this year to Maitland LOL! So a "Boys Weekend" will be an IOU.... :)

  3. You will love GDITC....gotta have these weekends...

  4. Ann, I will see you at both retreat... I am going to both as well...


  5. can't wait to meet up in March........


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