Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A little bit of progress

I have been slowly making some progress on my SKoW quilt. 

I do love a hot Chocolate, especially in this wet weather 

and a good book to read... for me these to go hand in hand

Unfortunately in my rush to get this block done, I miss read the number of DMC thread I was meant to use for the name of the book. I used 3012 when I should have used 3021 an easy mistake to make I keep telling myself : ) - I think this will be tonight's project!  

I have also finished stitching another block from my TTS quilt

 Opps sorry not sure what happened here - doesn't want to change direction for some reason

Have a great week, Until Next Time - Happy Stitching xox 


  1. Your blocks are comming alone nicely and yes Blogger like to put our pictures the wrong way sometimes just to test our patience!

  2. Looks like you're keeping up to date - love the colours in SKOW. Shame about the thread though.

  3. Ohh very nice indeed!!! I did giggle with the thread thou, sounds like something I would do :)

  4. Love a hot choccy & a book, the only thing better is sharing it with a good friend too. Having a dyslexic moment, that is old age for you. LOL. Sorry you know I am only having a laugh because its something I would do too. I do hope you are planning on bringing it all to GDITC

  5. Beautiful blocks, they are looking great.

  6. you are getting back to your sewing. these looks great too :) Hope you're bringing them to Nundle too for show & tell ???


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