Sunday, 4 March 2012

TTS progress

Since my last post I have been a little side tracked with my new toy. My family gave me an Ipad for my birthday and it has been really hard to put it down and unfortunately stitching took a back seat for a little while .

With a little push from my friends, I've jumped back in and I am really happy with my TTS progress. 

I have decided to use only 2 fabrics for the boarders and a different 2 for the outer boarders - not sure how it will look but here goes......   

February Block with 1st boarder

now with the second boarder 

  March Block with 1st boarder

now with the 2nd boarder

I'm off now to work on my SKoW - hopefully a post later on today with my progress.

Until Next Time - Happy Stitching xox  


  1. Happy to see you back - and so organised. I have done about three stitches of March TTS.

  2. going well........hope you bring the blocks to Nundle.........

  3. Looks fantastic Ann well done xxx

  4. Your blocks are looking beautiful.

  5. Lovely blocks and your 2 fabrics go beautifully together.
    I'm almost finished stitching March.

  6. Looks great Ann, ipad,iphones etc are addictive :)


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