Saturday, 17 November 2012

Sewing Angel Toolstore

Wow, where has the last 11 months gone...........

I was given this gift by a lovely lady that used to work with me. When I opened then parcel on Christmas morning, I couldn't wait to get started. 

As we all know only to well life sometimes gets in the way of our sewing and there are so many beautiful projects out there that we feel the need to make them all.

I had been making slow progress for the past couple of months and had the top panel complete.

and then it was onto the inside - so many little pockets to keep all the necessary items

Last night I put on the binding

and TA DA!!  
- this morning I have a completed 'Sewing Angel Toolstore'

I can't wait to put it to good use.

Have a great weekend

Until Next Time -Happy Stitching xox


  1. Yay a finish, I have one of those better pull it out and get it done...its a gorgeous!

  2. Well done Ann,congratulations on the finish. Yes now I feel really guilty 11 months later and mine is still at the same place it was when I left your place.I better catch up to you soon so we can start something else this year. LOL.

  3. Oh Ann it's gorgeous, I think I too have had the pattern for ages. I think it should be my New Years resolution, finish kits/patterns I have in the cupboard.


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