Sunday, 21 October 2012

Blue Moutains Retreat - Dinner

Saturday night we headed up to Katoomba to have dinner at a little Italian restaurant called Papadino's.
The service was great and the food was amazing! 

I had penne Boscaiola - yummy!!!

This was the small serving, I'm so glad I didn't order the large.

This little restaurant was very family friendly. To keep children entertained whilst waiting for their meals, they give the children a small amount of dough to create something and then they cook it for them.

We must of looked young to the owner because we also got to play with some dough.
mmmmmmmmmm...... what shall we make????

and this was the finished product!! A real work of  

We headed back to our little blue house to surprise one of the girls with birthday cake and pressie's.
No names mentioned here (sorry she would kill me) 

Our dough creation came along to join in the celebrations!

We had a great night of laughs with a little bit of stitching thrown in.
Until Next Time - Happy Stitching xox


  1. It was very yummy indeed. Can we go back yet, I had too much fun. Real life is too boring.

  2. Great looking meal, what a wonderful idea for the kids...cute face, LOL...sounds like you all had a ball

  3. you girls sure had fun.........dinner looks delicious..........

  4. Awww that looks like a GREAT night out, complete with Dough-boy :)


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