Monday, 15 October 2012

Snow Snow and More Snow

Susan (Thimble Stitch) and I headed off on Friday morning expecting our trip to Katoomba to be a few hours long. We had heard news reports of the road being closed up in the blue mountains but it was past our destination so we thought we would be fine.

We first came across the fluffy white stuff about 40minutes into our trip.

We got out and took some photos knowing we only had 1.5 hours to go

We were making great progress, however that changed once we got through Lithgow. We sat looking at this sign for at least 30 mins

After a slow trip to the top of Mt Victoria we were starting to get really excited.
 Sam (A Cup Full Of Stiches) was coming from Sydney and we were texting each other to make sure neither of us were stuck somewhere, when the traffic started to slow and then come to a complete stop. 
And stop we did for 3 hours!!! 

This is the entry into the Mt Boyce Weigh Station.

I think it was one of those moments where you have to see it to believe it. I have travelled this road so many times and never have I seen it look like this.

We finally arrived at our little blue house - 6 hours from when we orginally left home.   

Thankyou Susan for getting us there safely.

Photo's from the Retreat to come later.

Until Next Time - Happy Stitching xox  


  1. The snow made it even more memorable my fellow ort.

  2. I hope you had some hand stitching for in the car...x

  3. so glad you got there safe and sound........the footage on the news was amazing.........

  4. Brrrrr it looks so cold.


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